Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Training

Practitioner Training: Wilmington, NC,; April 2014

Whether you are new to energy work, or are an experienced Practitioner in some form of an energy modality, you may find yourself called internally to participate in learning Trinity Energy Progression™.   You can check out the recording of an online Open House here, or connect with me via the form below if you’d like to find out more.

I am trained as both a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner, and as a Trinity Energy Progression™ Facilitator which means that I can facilitate those who would like to become Practitioners themselves as well as conduct Trinity One: A Course in Self-Mastery, a class focused on self-development.

This is something I am passionate about as well as working with companies and individuals to become more conscious.  You can find out more about the Practitioner training on the Trinity Energy Progression website.

In the simplest of terms, the Practitioner training will help you come to a remembrance of who you are as a Divine being, with regular practice of self-work following the training. You will also learn the skills to offer Trinity Energy Progression sessions to others in addition to your self-work.

If you would like to focus on self-development work only, the Trinity One: A Course in Self-Mastery may be perfect for you.  If you decide later to also participate in the Trinity Practitioner course, you’ll receive a discount.  Plus, if you participate in the Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner class first, you’ll also receive a discount if you decide to participate in the self-development course.

I could tell you a lot about what will happen at the Practitioner training or as a result of it, yet believe that folks are either guided to take it or not. I participated in the training held in Wilmington, NC at the end of April, 2014 without ever having even had a Trinity Energy Progression session. Others have had several sessions with life-changing results; then are guided to take the training both for themselves and to help others.

How will you know if this is for you?  It’s simple; you’ll just know.  It’s nothing anyone else can make a decision for you.  You won’t find me pushing you to take a class, or not.  I fully empower people to know their own truth; which is what learning Trinity is also about.  So, welcome to the start of your training.


Trinity One: A Course in Self-Mastery:  Let me know in the form below if you’re interested; I’ll happily schedule a class time (3 days across 4 weeks, 2 hours each day; followed by 2 follow-up 20-30 minute class talks) to meet your schedule availability

Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner training: I currently have no training scheduled.  You can check out training with other Facilitators; or if you’re interested in coordinating a training with me, just let me know below.



If you’re interested in participating in a training already scheduled and/or one yet to be scheduled, or having me come to your area to do a training, please fill out the form below.