Intuitive Energy Sessions

If you are interested in releasing and clearing ways of being which no longer serve you and creating yourself, your life, your career, a business, help an animal, etc. … any facet of life, a Trinity Energy Progression™ session or series of sessions may be a way you’d like to explore doing so.

Often a single session can shift an issue as the effect tends to unfold over time. In many cases, the core underlying issues (behind the creation statement) of how you’d like to be living from this new moment is released and cleared almost immediately. More deep-seated issues can take a few sessions.  Even Practitioners or those who have taken the Trinity One class chose to continue to have periodic sessions. It’s similar to continuing to working with a trainer for physical work-outs. While you may be comfortable structuring your own; it’s nice to have someone to guide you to going a bit deeper.

There are a number of ways you can choose to work with me:

  • Sessions
    • Can be conducted in-person, via Skype, Google+, FB messenger video, telephone
  • Weekend
    • Desiring a more focused experience
    • Includes 4 to 5 one-on-one extended sessions throughout the 2 to 2 1/2 day visit to Jacksonville, Florida
    • May include a number of activities depending on your interests, as guided, and what we co-create together … could be:
      • A sunrise and/or sunset visit and walk along the beach
      • A visit to a local health food store to talk about changing your daily habits
      • A visit to some other agreed-upon location to further experience integrating a different view of life into your daily experience
    • Please note: I am available to come to you; a quote for travel costs will be provided upon request
  • Month-long
    • Includes 4 sessions, one at the start of the month and one at the end, plus 2 others during the month
    • Throughout the month, you will be included in a weekly energy session done by me for various individuals
    • During the remainder of the time, you are free to keep an open Skype window to chat via typing and get support for whatever you are experiencing and/or would like coaching on
  • Any combination of the above

Please note all work is confidential and private, unless we mutually agree otherwise. I enjoy working with high-profile individuals, and equally enjoy doing so “behind the scenes”.