If you’re ready to make an investment in yourself and would like me to be your guide and companion and/or coach, connect with me now.

Unless you have an immediate, time-based issue you’d like to work on, I kindly request payment in advance; or if working in-person, at that time.  If you’re like me, it’s more fun to receive a session and not have to worry about the monetary exchange afterwards.  My prices are guided as follows.

Energy and Coaching Sessions

  • Single session: $55
  • Three-session package: $150
  • Five-session package: $220
  • Ten-session package, individual sessions can be gifted to others: $385
  • Weekend: $450
  • Month-long: $550

Trinity One: A Course in Self-Mastery:  $225

Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Training: $435

I am also available to travel to your area; a quote for travel expenses can be provided upon request. Please note: At this time, my senior Dachshund travels everywhere with me, which means I currently drive. Makes for quite the experience seeing this grand country of ours.

Rates will possibly increase after mid-to-late 2017 to whatever is guided at the time.  I’m providing that information now on the possibility of an increase in rates as I always valued knowing that from energy workers I hired over many years.  I value your time and monetary contribution as much as I value my own contributions; clarity facilitates that.

The benefit to purchasing a block of sessions, a weekend package(s) and/or month-long package(s) in advance is that they may be used at any time, even if rates have increased.