I am available for coaching an individual, partners, and family as well business associates for either personal and/or business issues.  To me, if people are involved, it still is personal.  If you are in need of a business-related analysis, you might check out my credentials and my business-focused website at

I don’t have the typical “coaching” credentials. I’m not the “typical” coach; so it works.  What I offer in terms of coaching is a lifetime of coaching others, an extensive business background, significant training in Nonviolent Communication, and an intuitive sense about people and situations which has been furthered with my training in Trinity Energy Progression™.

I have also done a lot of releasing and clearing on my own issues which means I am highly conscious of and am objective in identifying when I am triggered by others. That means, I’m unlikely to react around an issue which is coming up for release and clearing for the person I am interacting with.

I also have a clear sense of what the type of person I am best suited to coach …. that is, the person who is ready to make changes in their lives … in how they think, how they see things, how they view others’ roles in their lives.

I’ve always been a good listener.  Plus, I’ve had such a wealth of experiences in my life that frankly, there’s very little anyone could say which would surprise or shock me.  With Trinity Energy Progression, I have done a lot of releasing and clearing around judging.

With my training in Nonviolent Communication and my own personal way of being, I am the type of coach who will listen … then support you, sometimes push you, to look at your actions compared to your vision of how you’d like to be.

What I’ve found in my own path is that when I became ready to shift my actions, it all just starts to shift with little resistance.  Often, it’s coming to the point of being willing to shift where the bulk of inner work needs to be done.