Trinity Energy Progression

It really is so fascinating attempting to put into words what Trinity Energy Progression™ is and what it does.  The simplest explanation I have is:

Trinity Energy Progression is a tool to connect you to your own Higher Self/Divine Consciousness as a way of being versus as something spiritual “you do”.

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So, to start with … you’ll be more connected to yourself, your own inner self … and the more you allow that connection by hearing, listening, and/or acting on your inner guidance … the more you’ll continue to deepen that connection.

Trinity Energy Progression has also been described as an emerging process which is literally “progressing” (hence, a key element of the name is “Progression”) ….. it is progressing as a tool, as a modality, as a practice … and it progresses for the individual, especially the person who has participated in the self-development course, and/or participated in the Practitioner training, who is connecting in self-practice on a continual basis.

Whether interacting with Trinity in sessions, participating in the self-development course, and/or training to become a Practitioner, you will begin a process of “remembrance” … that is, remembering who each of us is … a whole, Divine, conscious being.   As the result of a session(s) and/or your own self-work, you will find more ease in your life as you begin to live your life with more consciousness, more mindful, and as a result … more alive.

An increasing number of people are becoming more conscious, more aware, and more alive … and, there are various ways of connecting. Some have studied other “modalities”;’ others are finding they are connecting naturally.  In our Trinity soul family, we often speak about “various flavors of ice cream” referring to the various range of ways, practices, modalities to connect.  From our understanding, what differentiates Trinity Energy Progression is it:

  • Is by far the simplest and most powerful method of connecting, you just need to use it;
  • Is all about self-connection, self-responsibility first;
  • Is free of ritual, ceremony, and limitations;
  • Comes from within ourselves vs. “coming through”;
  • Is more than words, it’s all about the energy shifts and transformation;
  • Accesses the full spectrum of connecting and remembrance vs. specific frequency within the spectrum …. meaning, it’s all encompassing energetically whereas you will no longer “need” to engage other modalities unless you want to

Here’s the best description I’ve seen on the Trinity Energy Progression website:

Trinity Energy Progression isn’t just a practice, an energy modality, or psychic development program… it’s an entirely different way of perceiving and experiencing our Universe, an entirely different way of living in singularity and Divine Truth, versus duality and disempowerment. There is little in “traditional” context to describe it in a mouthful… instead, it’s shared heart to heart, helping to remember knowledge from a Universal perspective that we haven’t employed incarnate for a very, very long time.

What the mind/ego wants to make complex, the heart/spirit knows is simple and pure. Attend an open house and/or watch the online discussion, get a session, and try it out! After reading through the Trinity Energy Progression site (a great guide is the Frequently Asked Questions page), join in live, and FEEL the difference!

How has my life changed since I participated in a Trinity Energy Progression training in April 2014?  

My life is peaceful even when there’s a lot of activity going on in my life and in the lives of those around me ….. Where I spend my hours during a day are more conscious as I no longer engage my or others’ “stories” ad nauseum nor do I stay awake at night worrying about or pondering my life …..   I rely on my own internal validation and no longer seek validating myself and life through the external validation of others and situations ….. I empower people to make choices and live their own life and that started with my own life, which means I no longer live life from the perspective as a “victim” … I connect more consciously with both my own needs and with others, and encourage them to do the same … I have way more fun and laugh a lot more … ~chuckles~ That could bother some folks as I don’t take things as seriously as I used to in life; I look at it all as an experience.  I just plain enjoy much more of my life, including in the details and when there’s a lot of change going on.

However Trinity Energy Progression is described, however, it’s understood …. what has been experienced and observed, time and time again ….. is that it is amazingly simple yet powerful; and really defies being limited by words.