A Mission of Connection; Or, “The Ripple Effect”

DragonflyUnleashed Blog: 5/28/15I’m not overly fond of the term “mission”; although here I am writing about it. I was working for a top ten advertising agency on one of the top 3 brands in the world when the term first started to be used.  Then and even now, in some ways, the term feels like an artifice to me as so many just use the term because it’s “expected” with little true commitment or understanding of the full depth of the concept.  However, it seems to be the word which most fits for the purposes of my first “blog”. Every time I try to change it; it doesn’t seem to flow any other way.

I believe we all have a “mission” in life to come to a place of acceptance, peace, and joy within ourselves.  One might think of that as truly connecting to yourself.  Beyond that, each (or many of us) seem to have “missions” which are unique to our specific skills based on our life experiences, interests, etc.  Mine seems to be around “connections” …. I have a penchant for connecting people, companies, information, concepts, ideas. Of course, we all want to learn to connect to ourselves and others. My skill seems to go way beyond that. I’ve been this way most of my life, even as a child.  Yet, as I’ve gotten older .. and I believe as I’ve learned to listen to my own intuition combined with my background and life experiences ….. my ability seems to have expanded.

Sometimes the connections I internally hear, make a lot of sense to me … other times, not so much.  LOL, sometimes the way they come about are in the most extraordinary way. Sometimes they have such far-reaching impactthat I’m amazed and awed to be involved in facilitating these connections, such as what happened during the response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  What matters to me is this … that I hear that I have guidance … that I listen to what I hear … that I act on it … and that I’m conscious about how I am living my life.   I started consciously realizing this was important to me in 2003 as a “parting gift” from my dad (it’s a wonderful story for another time) … in the months leading up to his death in August of that year.  My ability to hear/listen/act on my inner guidance has escalated even more since 2011 when what I refer to as my “TF Spiritual Awakening” began.  On top of it, I have grown leaps and bounds in this ability in this past year since I learned Trinity Energy Progression™ from my soul sister Angela Coulter.  She talks about how she guides people her in recent blog, “The Art of Fishing… Bike Riding… and Pedestal Playing” which is similar to how I connect people to themselves.  I love my connection to Angela, to Trinity, and to our entire Trinity family.

Yet, I digress.  So why am I writing about how I connect with others and/or connect others?  It’s really quite simple …. I heard to.

My new neighbor and I occasionally walk together or share gardening or feeding the geese and ducks in our mutual back yard retention pond.  She’s in my age group and recently commented I should write a book I have so much knowledge .. or maybe it’s information, or both.  I passed off her comment as I’ve heard it before … then the LIGHTBULB went off … wham BANG … another level of consciousness enveloped me.

I often share a lot of resources, or the same resource with a lot of people and/or places.  Over my life, some have misunderstood this as arrogance which for me might trigger when I was growing up and often I was teased for seeming like a “know-it-all”.  Some have misunderstood my sharing as unconscious. THAT I am positive is not happening.  I’ve lived so much of my life unconscious, I rarely do much without some level of awareness; and certainly not sharing resources.  It’s just that I do retain a lot of information, I’ve had so many diverse and eclectic experiences in life, it feels almost miserly not to share it …. It feels open, expansive, and inclusive to share as guided.

THIS is a big part of ~grins~ my “mission”.  It’s really part of my nature … part of what inspires me. I did and do it in business, I do it in my personal life.  Unlike the way that I’ve lead my life until the past year …. what counts is that I strive to not experience what I do naturally as something which defines me …. or defines my value … or gives me external validation.  It’s something I do, something I enjoy, something which almost always benefits others and often me (even if one or either doesn’t see it initially) ….. I don’t have and I’m no longer willing to make it into some limiting assessment of myself … such as …  if it “helps someone”, I’m a “good person” … if it doesn’t, I’m not very good.  I’ve found when I just follow guidance, it all flows and I experience more inner peace.

Here’s what I really do enjoy and get jazzed about when it comes to “connecting” others with each other … or information … or ideas or … whatever I’m guided to connect … it doesn’t matter if it’s how I expanded a disaster response program I co-created for a large pet supply retailer far beyond the vision the client originally had, or if I connect two friends together … or even if something doesn’t seem to work out the way I envisioned … I appreciate the feeling of following my inner guidance … I enjoy swimming in the bliss of the connection …. I bask in living in the flow of consciousness … LOL, for a person with an interest in helping corporations become more aware, this is pretty flowery language … not my usual way of communicating yet it is quite heady, this experience is.

I’ve had some amazing experiences in my life which I realize I am fortunate for given many of my individual life experiences would be on many people’s bucket lists … I’ve traveled about three-quarters of a million miles via airplane, some of it flying first class for business at the tender age of my mid-20s … I’ve been in 48 out of 50 states (still to visit Montana and South Dakota) …. I’ve traveled to Canada, Mexico, spent two months traveling across Europe … I’ve driven up and down much of the California coastline … I’ve worked in disaster response … I’ve played with baby tigers a friend had … I have worked for major corporations being asked to do by them or making a proposal to them in the seemingly most unusual ways … I’ve had a relationship with a Canadian Goose for the past 8 months (in fact, Bubala gave me the sub-title  of this blog one day when I took the image here) …. the list could go on …

…… there are two important points from my perspective … FIRST, we never know what the total “ripple effect” is going to be … because when we gave a hand-up to someone, how many people or animals did that person or animal impact .. and how many did those impact …

So, here’s one of my passions … IMAGINE a conscious corporation changing how they do business in ways that supports people connecting …. ultimately, in today’s environment, that has to be not only what to do as a fellow human, it’s likely a smart business decision … whether it’s one individual affecting another, or a corporation affecting individuals …. I see it as a series of ever-lapping ripples as Bubala so adroitly demonstrated for me and us in the image for this blog.

…. second, NOTHING I have achieved (except for enjoying the natural scenes of this and other countries, especially the California coastline) has felt so satisfying as following guidance, making the connection, enjoying the moment, maybe even savoring it .. and then allowing myself to move on to the next “new now”.  This way of living life gives us the opportunity to fully live life full of possibility and connection.  Anyone care to join me?

With joy,

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