Whether working with corporations, organizations, or one-on-one with individuals, my passion in life is facilitating others (and myself) in leading a life that is thriving as well as filled with peace, ease, joy, fun, and lots of laughter, regardless of the external circumstances of your life.

When working with individuals although also, at times, it includes companies … I think of myself as a guide or perhaps a “companion”; someone to walk along beside you pointing the way when you need a reminder of where you intuitively know you are headed.  I’m not here to rescue or save anyone. My dad was a navigator in the Navy; that’s what I do … point you in the right direction; help you get on course. I help you create your own road map.

For most of the 1980s, I worked at a top ten ad agency, and primarily on two of the top five brands in the world, with a wide range of experience. Since mid-2011, I have been on this latest phase of my human journey. In addition to achieving a Masters level Certificate in Servant Leadership; I’m also working towards a separate Masters level Certificate in Transformation of Conflict as well as a Graduate degree in Organizational Leadership. During this same time, I’ve extensively studied and practiced Nonviolent Communication as well as participated in various other inner healing workshops.  Since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005,  I had been extensively involved in animal welfare on a national level; and particularly in the disaster response field.  Needless to say, I have an interesting mix of connections.

I’m grateful for the wide range of experiences in my life which provides a foundation for connecting with people from all walks of life and all experiences as well as working with companies to connect with people in ways that meet both the human and business needs. In terms of my corporate experience, my resume as well as experience and training speak for itself.  In terms of connecting with humans and/or working with companies to connect with humans …. I’m experienced in issues with connecting with self, self-esteem, body image, finances, work, health, relationships, and spiritual awakenings. With an extensive network of friends across North America with interests in animal welfare and rescue, consulting and coaching, web design and technology, and/or spiritual practices and metaphysics; I seem to have a skill/role/aptitude of being a bridge across people, groups, organizations.

Even with a Catholic background and education, or perhaps because of my Jesuit education, I grew up as a Seeker … always questioning, always looking for what needed to shift within to become the person I knew I am capable of being. I started my active spiritual path in the early 1980s following college while working in Chicago for a top ten ad agency. I have always blended the various facets of my life; I am skillful in helping others in doing so as well.  This includes corporations, especially large-scale ones which are interested in connecting with their customers or even their collection accounts as humans, rather than as numbers.

With the introduction of Trinity Energy Progression™ in early 2014, I have found the lightness in life I’ve seen is possible. I generally have a broader perspective of life which provides me with the ability to stay balanced internally by keeping the focus on my choices and behaviors. Bottom-line, I believe and practice that it’s all just about what lessons we are choosing to learn; others are merely spiritual companions and mirrors for us. Today, my spirituality is a way of life, versus a series of practices outside of myself.

While I reside in Northern Florida, Northern California and especially along the coast is my “soul home”.  I visit there in person and energetically, on a frequent basis. I work from my home with the “assistance” of my multiple rescue dogs (Celt, Missy, Scooba, Camo, a foster Emmett as well as Courtney, the 16 year old Dachshund of my mother) as well as a variety of wildlife who visit daily for snacks of cracked corn.

If you’re wanting to bring some ease and lightness into your life or the lives of your customers and/or clients, whether through strategic positioning or web design work, energy work and/or coaching and are ready to put action behind the words of wanting to shift, I may be the guide/companion you’re looking for at this time in your life. You can connect with me through this website; I’m ready and happy to hear from you.