About Dragonfly Unleashed

Dragonfly Unleashed is all about facilitating change and transformation with others …. that is, supporting you in making your own changes …. Whether it’s at a personal level. for your for-profit company, and/or your non-profit organization, the focus is that it all starts with personal transformation.

This website is where I offer services related primarily to personal growth as well as share about the more unconventional type topics I enjoy, such as parallel universes, energy, etc.  There’s so much that many have known about for years that is now being validated by the scientists. How fun.  If you’re interested in my business-related services, you can go here.  You’re welcome to check out my resume as well as my personal website.

Many people hide their intuitive side, as they are worried their business skills won’t be taken seriously. I have a strong belief that everyone is “intuitive”; what differs is the individual awareness of this.  How often do you hear people say, “My gut told me ….”, “I had a feeling …”, “My instinct told me …. “. This is all intuition, inner guidance, etc.

Why “Dragonfly Unleashed?” I’ve always loved dragonflies and have been fascinated with them. Around 2011, someone in my life referred to me as “Dragonfly’ which was a sign for me of the deeper significance for my lifetime interest of facilitating change with/for others.  Why “unleashed”?  ~ grins~ There are just a lot of reasons “why” that you’ll likely come to understand over time if we get to know each other better. The biggest reason is that “it fits perfectly” as ultimately, dragonflies represent transformation; this is one of my favorite write-ups on dragonflies.  “Unleashed”, to me, also represents freedom, unlimitedness, openness, spaciousness, etc.

I don’t have all the answers in life; and I sure don’t have them for anyone else.  What I do have is a wealth of life experiences, extensive formal education and training as well as a well-honed inner guidance. All that combined with having done a LOT of self-work, returning more and more to who I am fully, I make an excellent companion along ones own path as my ego or own issues don’t get in the way, much.

If you and I are meant to journey together, you’ll know it … and reach out, even if it seems to make no sense to you; you’ll feel the truth.  

I work very organically and fluidly. I don’t have a process nor do I anticipate having one; although I do work with others in developing their message and process for their own coaching/guidance business.

It’s such a fascinating time we live in.  More and more individuals are searching for inner fulfillment in their lives and in their careers while for-profit corporations and non-profit organizations are being led by leaders who are looking to create and offer a more conscious environment, whether for humane or for profit reasons, or both.  Events such as Wisdom2.0 are happening which shows us that there is a conscious movement to merge our human and business needs; and at a larger corporation level.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it all starts with self.

Working with you, I can facilitate these types of shifts.  I offer a range of tools which have a common thread of supporting you in your desire and quest to do things in a new, fresh, and evolving way …. whether you’re an individual desiring change for yourself and your life, you’re a “celebrity”, or you’re the CEO of a major corporation with your gut instinct guiding you to change the status quo.  Having grown up around many Naval officers as my “uncles”, I don’t stand on ceremony with many people, as we’re all just on the same path.

The best way to determine if you’d like to continue exploring if there’s a fit between what I offer, my way of offering it, and your needs ….  is to peruse my websites, search me out on the web, check out my personal Facebook account, My Prince’s Gift page, my Dachshund Mafia, or my Dragonfly Unleashed page.

While you may not always agree with my personal point-of-views or interests, what you’ll find is that I am a critical thinker, trust my inner gut/guidance, and have a comfortable blend of business and personal styles as I easily transcend stereotypes while building bridges.

I excel at working with people and companies to create the vision of where you want to be, shifting related core, underlying issues … and focusing on similarities (versus dissimilarities). In today’s life and work environments, there is so much diversity that it’s imperative to learn and be comfortable with fluidly interacting with all types of beliefs and individuals.

This is a time of great change in how the world operates. I’m happy to work with those who are interested in evolving and willing to do your own inner work with a companion who understands your needs and can help you map out where you want to land, and live from.